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An Essay Winston Churchill Wrote About Alien Life – Pre School

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Nieuw in onze voorraad. But can we rely on his interpretation of events; can we rely on Churchill as a historian?

“Are We Alone in the Universe?” Winston Churchill’s Lost Extraterrestrial Essay Says No

Some question how important his speeches were and others question whether his history books are reliable records. This image was used in both British and Nazi propaganda the latter, perhaps because he looks like a gangster! Was Churchill a great orator?

He was, after all, the first prime minister to have a science adviser in his employ. But Churchill's interest in science went far deeper. Originally titled "Are We Alone in Space? Then, in , new museum director Timothy Riley rediscovered the typewritten manuscript and showed it to astrophysicist Mario Livio.

Due to copyright concerns , there are currently no solid plans to publish the piece in full, but Dr.

Winston Churchill

Livio outlined Churchill's essay in an article published Wednesday in the journal Nature. In the essay, Churchill defined the most important characteristic of life as the ability to "breed and multiply," and wrote that the focus of the essay would be on "comparatively highly-organized life" presumably multicellular organisms.

He then went on to describe the necessity of water for life though he noted that other liquids could not be ruled out , and then, based on these assumptions, surmised that life could only exist "between a few degrees of frost and the boiling point of water. This region of not-too-hot and not-too-cold around a star, referred to as the circumstellar habitable zone by today's scientists and the " Goldilocks zone " in the popular press, is still used to evaluate the possibility of life on other planets.

If We Must Die

Based on the best scientific research available at the time, Churchill concluded that the only places life could exist in our solar system, apart from Earth, would be on Venus or Mars. But then, he made a fairly radical and interesting departure from the norm by challenging a then-popular theory of planet formation. The theory, created in by astrophysicist James Jeans, suggested that planets were formed from the gas torn off a star when another star passed close to it.

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According to this model, Churchill noted, our solar system would be highly rare, perhaps even unique. Perhaps they were not," wrote Churchill. The bold statement came more than 50 years before the discovery of the first exoplanets.

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  8. And Churchill didn't stop there. As Britain's prime minister, Churchill supported the creation of scientific infrastructures that not only speeded the end of WWII, but also paved the way for monumental post-war discoveries. In today's political landscape, said Livio, politicians might have something to learn from Churchill's respect for science, letting it work to solve problems associated with food resources, climate change, and diseases, as well as to promote the general advancement of humanity. Churchill appears to have believed that "you need to embed all the scientific research and discoveries also in the context of human values, and an understanding of the human condition," he added.

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